Billionaire Winklevoss Twins Talk The End Of Facebook, Bitcoin, And NFTs

sukabuminewsupdate.comthis might be hard to believe, but Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss are world-renowned social network criminals who flagged Zuckerberg’s infamous scam and turned their idea into one of the world’s biggest companies.


 may actually be at the forefront of the counter movement I think from outside the world want to dislike these guys, they are six-foot-five Harvard graduates, they grew up in Connecticut their fathers are rich, they seem to have everything for them,

but after being shunned by the mainstream venture capital community and cut from venture capital deals that frankly overwhelmed Facebook,

they go in different directions and find traction among cryptographers and a world of counterculture that is building the foundations of a new financial and global way to do business in the dozen years since Tyler and Cameron fought Mark Zuckerberg,

they have amassed three billion dollars each

everyone is skeptical about bitcoin and the cryptocurrency world over the years they are even more skeptical about tyler and cameron winklevoss we are not financial experts when we came to bitcoin from the very beginning we bought a lot of crypto on the famous gox mountain exploded and very few people believe that really imagining where this could go,

so we thought it was going to be mainstream for this technological revolution to really happen.

We had to build a reliable trusted infrastructure in 2014 they set up a gemini cryptocurrency exchange unlike their nemesis whose spells will move fast and break things tyler and cameramen winklevoss embrace permission requests not a forgiveness mentality

gemini is one of the most regulated cryptocurrency exchanges in the world and while adoption for them is slower than for some of the other larger exchanges they may be ready for what some people believe.


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The attack by the institutional adopters started with building a bridge to the future of money and then more recently a bridge to the future of art which we think art should become digital nfts solving the problem of digital scarcity by 2019

 they get good gates in exchange for nfts or non tokens -fungible which is now taking over the world i have to talk about the twins isn’t the other nice gates twins also erected by two duncan twins and griffin roosters and actually this is not just any twins they used to be two rowers What started out as just a competitive way to use your credit card to buy NFTs is almost ready to become a whole market for NFTs and a place to store them safely

 put it bluntly as we get closer to your metaverse ‘I’ll want art in your online world,

i need to ask you because you use it if you can explain what the metaverse is

The metaverse is a recreation of the offline world in an online setting I think a good example of the metaverse would be luck where people have entered and they even had concerts in the early days is totally obscure

did you know people will actually move to this platform and we see that with social networks there is so much skepticism. will people actually share their stuff online and do this

and of course we know how it happened um today data from social networks is owned by that company and in the future

we’re sure it will belong to the individual who provided that data. it’s photos or content or whatever they’re going to have that content and it’s theirs and it’s honestly theirs, we believe that if you take a closer look at the company it’s not just what they’re building

but the companies they invest in, you can begin to read between the lines that a narrative is developing

that what they build could one day be an intermediary for facebook, amazon google and many other centralized companies in the world that tyler and cameron accidentally end up finding themselves in might actually make them the perfect enemy for facebook

in a way they never even imagined you to be

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